Cadet Resources

Community Service

If you have completed community service hours outside of Sea Cadets, you can have them counted towards your community service ribbon. This Community Service Hours sheet can be used to log your community service hours.

Uniform Care

Your uniform and others like it have been worn by many before you who have served in our nation’s armed forces and should be treated with the respect that it, and all those who have come before you deserve.

Knowledge for Recruit Training

For those departing for recruit training or any other advanced training, it is recommended and even necessary to know how to make one’s rack properly or recite their Sailor’s Creed or Sea Cadet Oath by memory on command. Here at our unit, we make sure our cadets are thoroughly prepared for any and all eventualities.

Additional Resources

The NSCC Homeport Website is home to anything and everything a Sea Cadet will need to advance themselves within the program, from the correspondence courses to the seasonal training schedules.

  • Training Information
  • Cadet Advancement – A quick link to the above-mentioned advancement. You should finish your courses in a timely manner so that the only thing stopping your advancement is examinations, advanced trainings, and time in rate.
  • Ribbon Manual – This link will take your directly to the USNSCC Ribbon Manual. Here, you can see all the achievements and awards that the USNSCC has to offer.
  • Sea Bag List – Here is the list of items that are NECESSARY for drill. Each cadet is expected to bring these items to every drill.